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External Borrowing (FDI) Overview

FDI Nothing but External Credit Borrowing in the way of Working capital or Business expanstion assittance from Cross broder investor, it's assist by Helios on behalf our client Who is really required fund for their business devlopment

We, Helios Groups, can assist you in your business by providing External Borrowing (FDI). This will help you to achieve your business goals without any Strugle.

Helios Process for External Borrowing (FDI)

We can assist you in your business development, by providing External Borrowing (FDI)for your company from our investor's presence in Hong Kong & Globally

Follow the simple steps for getting External Borrowing (FDI)

    1.  Initially, the client will submit the details of their business to us. And, this will include Financial documents, KYC        documents, and proposed project or requirement details in terms of projection

    2.  Helios will conduct due diligence with a listed 3rd party agency. And, based on the due diligence report, Helios          informs the client about approval or rejection of their financial assistance proposal.

    3.  Once you get a green signal from Due-diligence, Helios will send an approval letter to the client. And also, inform the         client about our fees and services charges to begin their financial assistance proposal

    4.   Once the clients sign the agreement, we will receive the fees & service charges from the client. We will start our work         on their proposal; as per central bank norms of respective countries. Also, we will arrange all necessary documents for          the borrower's Bank to receive Internation Fund for theier financial assistance

Costing of External Borrowing (FDI):

The Cost of an External Borrowing (FDI) may vary based on the amount & its tenure. Usually, the cost includes due diligence fee, bank commission, processing fee & swift charges, local bank charges. Further, the overall cost is Handled; by the Applicant (Buyer), and it should be clearly, stated on the External Borrowing (FDI) MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). for More info on the costing, please Contact us

External Borrowing (FDI) Providers:

Helios provides External Borrowing (FDI) to your business development. By offering financial assistance from investors from Hong Kong. We help people who are interested in expanding their business. In case; you're looking for a secure funding option, an easy and reliable way to get External Borrowing (FDI) to Expand your business. Fill up the form by clicking the request option below. We can provide you the required funding assistance

If you are looking for a secure Funding Option, easy and reliable way to get External Borrowing (FDI) to expand you business, Fill up the form by clicking the request button below. We can provide you the required funding assistance.


Apply for BG MT760 Now. and Get response from our one of the executive will reach to conclude your trade deal within 48 working hours!

Type of External Borrowing (FDI)

Horizontal FDI

The most common type of FDI is Horizontal FDI, which primarily revolves around investing funds in a foreign company belonging to the same industry as that owned or operated by the FDI investor. ...

Vertical FDI

Conglomerate FDI

A conglomerate type of foreign direct investment is one where a company or individual makes a foreign investment in a business that is unrelated to its existing business in its home country.

Parties are involed in External Borrowing (FDI)

here three(3) parties are involved with MT760 and they are:

  • Principal - called as a Borrower; who is request         funding asistance for their business expanstion
  • Organisor - Helios Wealth management (HK) limited         act as a organizor between Investor and Borrower
  • Investor - Who providing funding for principle for         approch FDI for their business expanstion

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