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Global Payment Overview

Helios Groups upcoming venture Global Payments provides payment processing services to merchants, allowing them to accept credit and debit cards, along with other payment types (this role is known as a merchant acquirer). In return, they receive a percentage of the transaction value (usually about 1-2% for credit cards). They provide these services both directly to merchants, and indirectly through other financial organizations. Global Payments also provides other supporting ("vertical") services and analytics ("omnichannel") to customers of its main payment processing services.

Credit, digital wallets, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, prepaid vouchers, or payout cards—let your customers choose from 140 different payment types. When you make buying easy, more people buy. Simplify repeat transactions with secure card storage. And offer convenient features like one-click checkout, recurring billing, and installment plans.

Our Account Updater automatically updates customer card data. That means fewer failed charges due to expired or invalid cards, and less time and money spent chasing down customer details. Let your customers complete their payments, quickly—with real-time authentication. That means more successful payments for you, plus all the authentication data behind them: rich response data, retry logic, and detailed transaction risk modeling and analysis. It enables one to Get access to selling opportunities worldwide—from major markets like China to remote corners of the globe. Accept payments in over 130 currencies, and reduce costs with our 59 domestic acquiring licenses. Keep track of your sales at all times with automated reports and in-depth visualizations for each transaction. Our global payment gateway and its modern reporting tools will help you keep track of your entire account without spending countless hours tracking your sales.

Global Payments has a proprietary MPI that helps businesses implement online debt directly on their checkout pages as a strategy to increase sales conversion. The user provides the credit card information for the first purchase and for the next transactions only the CVV2 code will be required. The admin portal for sales management works in real-time, making it produce managerial reports and saving with customer service.

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